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  • $0.00 This book on HIV addresses the following topics: • Difference between HIV and AIDS • History of HIV • High-risks situations for HIV • Risk of HIV for healthcare professionals/nurses/colleagues • How is HIV transmitted? • Situation s where you can never get HIV • HIV in 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and now in 2020 • Commonsense precautions to avoid HIVAdd to cart
  • $0.00 This is Add15Years’ another book on HIV that deals with the following topics: • Complete information about HIV virus • Symptoms of HIV infection • Different stages of HIV infection • Severity of HIV across the globe • Two biggest epidemics in the world’s historyAdd to cart
  • $0.00 After the last presidency election in USA, the situation for all immigrants is not so favorable. This book addresses the following topics: • Donald Trump as the new president. • Why immigrant communities are scared? • Why Indian parents in USA are not letting their children to join politics? • The correct way of dressing up for all the immigrants • Risks of partying late evening at the American places • Crime instances at public places and parking lots in USA • What should you do when somebody shows you a pistol? • Practice the fire-drills • Law & Order and emergency number in USAAdd to cart