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FAQ Page

Q.1: What’s your purpose of writing these books?

Answer: Our books aim to provide you deep insights into proactive healthcare in simple and very easy to understand language. These books educate about how you can maximize your lifespan up to fairly active and healthy 15 years or more.

Q.2: Who is target audience of your books?

Answer: Our E-books are available for worldwide audience. All the books are written in very easy to understand language, with the intent to educate all age-groups from both rural and urban communities. Initially, our print-books will be available for NCR (India) population which soon we will release in other regional languages too.

Q.3: In which language(s) these books are available?

Answer: Apart from English and Hindi, our books will be available in 18 Indian languages like Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and more.

Q.4: In what format(s) these books are available and from where I can purchase them?

Answer: For providing benefits to maximum people, we have launched our books in these formats: E- Book, Print-Book, Audio-Book and Video-Book. All the books can be purchased from our website: . And, our books will also be available on Amazon, Kindle, Google books and Apple Books for purchasing.

Q.5: Why should I buy these books? What exact benefits I can expect?

Answer: These books are written by top doctors trained from renowned medical schools in India and USA and focus on introducing practice of proactive healthcare for maximizing your lifespan. Some of the benefits which you will achieve from these books are outlined as beneath:

  •  Importance of maintaining good health and making you responsible for your own health through proactive healthcare methodology
  • Good insights on various health related topics such as: Heart, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Obesity, Arthritis, Kidney-problems, HIV, Hair-fall, Acne, Smoking, Drinking, and many more
  • Clearing mistrust on doctors and hospitals pertaining to treatment cost, insurance, medical advice, diagnosis etc.
  • Moving practice of medicine in India from Crisis-medicine to Proactive-medicine
  • Clear guidance on when you should visit a family doctor or a specialist in a hospital or when to get admitted or more importantly, when not to get admitted to the hospital.


Q.6: Why should I really care to live up to 85 years or more?


Answer: By 60-65 years you and your family are well aware of future health risks as most of you would already be under periodic medical supervision. In India, unfortunately, last 10 years of your life can be really miserable, unlike western countries. Our books help in adding fairly good health and mobility in mentioned stage of the life through early diagnosis and proper treatment.


Q.7: Can I really add 15 quality years to my life?


Answer: In 2018, average life expectancy in India is 68 years. Studies have proved that due to advances in modern medicine, people can live up to 85 years. Through our books, you would be able to maintain quality of life, and live healthy and independent till the very last year of your life.


Q.8: I am 20 years old so, why should I care about maximizing my lifespan up to 85 years at this point in my life?


Answer: Being young makes you take full advantage of proactive healthcare as you will be aware of importance of healthy lifestyle and early diagnosis. At early stage of life, you can plan better for your future and of course, for your retirement. Our books are storehouse of knowledge on maximizing lifespan for all age groups and at 20 years, you can make the most out of it.


Q.9: How your books are different from other healthcare books available in market?


Answer: Our books are written with the intent to outreach maximum people (rural and urban, both) and hence are available in many languages and in all kinds of user-friendly formats. These are easily accessible through our website . And, many of our books are available for free download from our website. So, easy accessibility, low cost, very simple language and availability in various formats makes us different.


Q.10: I feel that medicines are full of side effects and I am scared to go to doctors. Do your books provide guidance on this subject?


Answer: In India, unfortunately, due to these misconceptions, people avoid going to doctors for years and consequently, suffer in different stages of life. Our books help you in predicting forthcoming health crisis and understanding usefulness of medicines for various health conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, fever, infection, injuries, blood pressure, arthritis etc.


Q.11: What kind of topics are covered in these books?


Answer: We are constantly working on publishing books on various subjects like- Heart, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Knee Joints, HIV, Stress Management, Hair Fall, Insomnia, Childcare, Infectious Diseases, Duplicate Medicines, Immunization, Smoking, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Future of Healthcare, Outpatient Procedure, Medical Insurance, and much more.


Q.12: There are many medical-advice websites. So, why should I read your books, when I can get all the information from internet?


Answer: Yes, undoubtedly there are numerous medical websites across internet. But, their reliability is always questionable. At times, information can be misleading too as different websites present different answers to a particular situation. Our purpose is to make you aware of correct information through top and well-trained doctors from USA and India. We completely understand that you would prefer to take your family member to doctor instead of finding cure on the internet. We facilitate easiness to your preference through proper guidance.