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    • Diabetes or high blood sugar today has become as common issue in every family life.
    • Without even realizing we can manage diabetes, if we accept it easily.
    • There is a phase between our normal blood sugar and prediabetes. So, during prediabetes if we start medications along with diet management and increase level of activity, we can really delay any complications for 30 to 40 years.
    • Whenever we think of diabetes, kidney failure and insulin are two factors.
    • Kidney failure is not the only thing. We can become blind or have heart attack.
    • We can lose sensations in our feet leading to amputation of our legs.
    • Everybody knows diabetes because it is so common, every drug company is making medicines and now there are 13 groups of excellent medications available and together they can really keep us very healthy.
    • Last but not the least, we really have to connect with our doctor and a dietitian and seek counseling. You will feel good, healthy & have no symptoms for long and will be very tempting not to take any medications but it is going to cost money too, especially in India.
    • If you want to ignore the reality, it is not going to go away.
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    • Why it is very important to read this book? Answer is, it is very important to read this book because Heart health is very important to us.
    • Heart attack or sudden death from the heart attack has become so rampant in India.
    • It is affecting more and more youngish male population.
    • Women have some protection from the heart attack until they are in their reproductive age, but they still have some amount of risk.
    • Our recommendation is to start screening all the males at age 30. This will give us a baseline.
    • And continue every five years with three most important, simple, noninvasive, not at all costly, Tests.
    • If all these three tests are normal, then I can give you in writing that you will not have heart attack for the next five years. Statistically, it is not possible.
    • Why these three tests are important?
    • These tests are important because all these three different tests give us complementary information.
    • As far as ECG/EKG is concerned, it gives us all the information about the electrical conductivity of the heart and our ECG is like our fingerprint.
    • I can guarantee that if you take your ECG every year and put one above the other, they will be exactly the same. ECG helps us to understand the function of the two electrical nodes in our heart, which control the rhythm and the rate of the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the heart.
    • We all know that, in a heart attack, we immediately do ECG and if you are having a heart attack, you can see changes in the ECG, we can pretty much figure it out.
    • But why to wait for that point when we are really having heart attack, because we may not have more than 5 to 10 minutes to recover from the heart attack and if our brain does not get blood and oxygen for several minutes, our brain is never going to come back, even though if our heart comes back, and we may not be alive anymore.
    • Since we will never have 5 minutes, so our hope is that by doing three simple tests, we can really, statistically, almost 100% anticipate what is going to happen over next five years and if we see any negative information, we can always fix it in time, seeking the help from the best heart doctors, but we need information and time.
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  • $1.00 As they say, you are as young as your heart! This book brings out the important heart tests one must take to add 15 years to life.
    • This book answers your basic questions like what is Echocardiogram and why is it an important heart test.
    • It gives basic details about the heart structure and the blood flow in our body.
    • The author has included other heart tests which can be undertaken to ensure a healthy heart and thus a healthy body!
    •  The book gives an insight into why Echocardiogram is so cool and why it should be undertaken starting age 30.
    • The book also points out the costs of heart tests.
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    • The book gives an insight into the polyunsaturated essential fatty acids such as fish oil, flax seeds etc.
    • The author emphasizes on the fact that eating food is the only way to get essential fatty acids in our body.
    • The book provides information about three major dietary omega-3 essential fatty acids - EPA, DHA and ALA.
    • Detailed facts have been provided about consumption of fish oil and its supplements and flax seeds/oil.
    • The author also talks about the effect of consuming fish oil (lowering the risk of heart attack, lowering blood pressure, decreasing triglycerides etc.). However the author emphasizes on the need for more research on these facts.
    • The author also explains why vegetarians must do away with the taboo of consumption of fish oil supplements.
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  • $1.00 This is a quick reference book from Add15Years to give you the important information about Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP). The main topics addressed are as follows:
    • How an Emergency contraceptive pill works?
    • What are single-dose and two-dose regimes ECPs?
    • Effectiveness of ECPs in preventing pregnancy
    • Some examples of over-the-counter available ECPs
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    • Fine-tuning our health is not a single day’s work rather it’s a continuous process that takes time and planning.
    • We all should start fine-tuning our health at the age of 18 only but it’s never too late.
    • There are certain tests we should all be doing every year fine-tuning our health which reflects the day-to-day functioning of our body.
    • If there is any deviation from those baseline standard parameters, then we have to look for the reason why our parameters are not falling within the normal range.
    • Good health is a choice and we all should choose wisely.
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  • $1.00 Absolutely good health is what everyone expects good health refers to not only physical health but the health of our internal organs also. Book is about keeping our heart healthy cardiac health. Cholesterol is becoming chief concern among people but how many of us know that there is only not the cholesterol that is harming your body but there is something called good cholesterol also. Good cholesterol helps us to add potential healthy years to our cardiac health whereas bad cholesterol removes those healthy years from our life span.Add to cart
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    Gold Standard Tests are a necessity in today’s fast-moving lifestyle! Good Health is not a destination, it is a journey.
    • This book shows how good health can be maintained with Gold Standard Blood Tests and how these tests can add 15 years to your life! • This book explains why Gold Standard Tests are worth their weight in gold. • Know all the Gold Standard Tests included by the author, which you should continue from age 18, every year to ensure check and balance in your body. • The book gives an insight into each Gold Standard Tests in short.
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    Gold Standard Blood Tests are suggested to be done every year starting at the age of 18 years till rest of life. Know why?

    •This book explains the composition of blood. • It will give insight on importance of complete blood count (CBC) • Know the role of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets in our body. • Why White blood cells called the defensive army of our body? • What is the role of Hemoglobin or Hematocrit in diseases like Anemia and Leukemia.
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  • $1.00 There is no question beauty signifies a thing of beauty and joy forever for all of us. Wants to know what makes us lose our hair?
    • This book explains the medical facts about our hair.
    • This book will explain what factors can really make us lose our hair.
    • Pay attention, we can really maintain our hair growth.
    • Most important factors are any major illness, thyroid hormone, and iron and excessive stress. They have dramatic effect on our hair growth.
    • Also, body hormones are especially important for our hair growth.
    • Pregnancy does have a dramatic effect on hair.
    We have written a book of medical management of hair loss our in boys and men which is usually genetic. It is also written about the medical management of hair loss in women because of thinning of hair. There is a separate book on hair transplant.Add to cart
  • $1.00 There is no question that “hair” is a very important factor for all of us. It is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Want to know what makes us lose our hair?
    • This book provides medical information about hair and hair loss/hair thinning.
    • It explains what factors can really make us lose our hair and how we can really maintain our hair growth.
    • Most important factors to be taken care of are any major illness, hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency and excessive stress. These factors have a dramatic effect on our hair growth.
    • The book also explains how pregnancy has a dramatic effect on hair of women.
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  • $1.00 The term happiness is used in the context of mental or emotional states, including positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. It is also used in the context of life satisfaction and subjective well-being. Happiness is a state of mind and we can be happy irrespective of being poor, rich, middle class, or rich class. If our health is good and we are not suffering from any type of chronic disease, then we can say that we only need doctors and hospitals in the last year of our life.Add to cart
  • $1.00 HbA1c what we call glycosylated hemoglobin. It is a test with a potential to add 30 years to our life. Find out why HbA1c or 3-month test has become a gold standard test in management of diabetes. What should we do when we have changes happening in our body and we absolutely feel normal? Please find out why we do not need to worry about fasting blood sugar anymore. If you really want to know how soon your kidney will fail because of the diabetes, please read this book about HbA1c.
    • Diabetes is so common nowadays, and you can afford this test as it is not so expensive
    • You should start doing this test once a year starting from age 18.
    • Once again, a medical book with medical facts with potential to add 30 years to your life.
    • And this fact is so true about first several years of diabetes or sugar (as we commonly call it).
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    • Should we obsess with our heart health?
    • My answer is, “Why not?”  Heart attack is the only medical situation where we can lose our life in 5 minutes.  There are no other medical situations like that.
    • Whether we have a stroke, or our lung fail, our kidney fail, our system which helps to digest our food fails, and liver fail, but we do not die in 5 minutes. It may take months and years.
    • In case of heart, if our heart is not healthy and we are having a heart attack then n such a situation, heart cannot effectively pump blood and oxygen to the brain.
    • If our brain does not get enough oxygen, then our brain is gone. We cannot get it back.
    • Medically speaking, your heart may recover, but if our brain is gone, we are gone. There is no way we can bring you back.
    • HEART, especially in India, has become the major reason for sudden death especially in youngish population. Every family in India knows about their friends and family members who were doing well and then they were suddenly gone.  There are so many stories like that.
    • It does not have to happen that way. Suddenly dying at young age leaving behind your young wife and children or youngish family when you could easily live is so devastating.
    • If we knew something is not right with your heart with medical knowledge and technology, we can really make you live for another 30 years, so you have to do three simple noninvasive relatively low cost test every five years which are very safe and if these tests are normal, which tells you almost 100% information about the heart, we can give it to you in writing that you cannot have heart attack in next five years.
    • At present, we have the medical knowledge, medical technology expertise today and wonderful medicines as well.
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  • $1.00 Our heart is the most important organ in our body and it works 24/7 without any rest. Some of the best possible ways to take care of our heart are:
    • To anticipate the risk of a heart attack.
    • To go through fundamental screening every five years (for the heart) to assess the status of our heart.
    • To do everything to maintain the health of our hearts is the best approach.
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  • $1.00 As the title of books says how healthy are everyone wants to know how healthy are sugar substitutes. Everyone really wants to know should we consume sugar substitutes for weight loss and we also call them sweeteners. Its time as a physician with 40 years of experience in India and US we try to answer these questions.Add to cart
  • $1.00 Everyone should be well aware about the importance of good sleep for our physical health, mental health, and for our long life. This book on sleep projects upon the following points:
    • The amount of sleep we really need
    • Stages of NREM and REM sleep cycles
    • Things happen to us during sleep
    • Harmful effects caused by lack of sleep
    • Insomnia symptoms and ways to deal with it
    • Recommendations to get good night sleep
    • Effects of factors like aging, travelling, jetlag etc. on sleep
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    • Human papillomavirus is a dangerous virus which infect only humans
    • It has several types which is responsible for cancers in human body like:
      • Cervical cancer
      • Anal cancer
      • And Throat cancer to name a few.
    • Risk associated with Human Papillomavirus is very high and it can be transmitted through sexual contact.
    • Know more about HPV and medical complications caused by read this book.
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